• Grupo Liberdade - Segurança e Serviços


Grupo Liberdade - Segurança e Serviços


  • Specialized and customized video-surveillance
  • Modern safety techniques
  • Committed and specialized team, having at its management level, qualified professionals with post-graduation and strategic courses in the most honored institutions in Spain, United States, and Israel.
  • Experience in several environments (corporate and residential)
  • Exclusive and customized training courses
  • Dedicated fleet
  • VIP Protection


Liberdade Group understands the importance of providing customized services, and according to the need of each of its clients, this because it is specialist in taking care of people in the most diverse environments, whether residential or corporate, which requirement level requires a differentiated treatment.

From the company’s expertise, it is possible to identify, adapt, and flexibilize the actions, incorporating the philosophy of each client to the most modern safety techniques, which added to the professional and personal commitment of its managing professionals, results in the perfect harmony between the comfort and protection, essential items to a distinct group of clients that search for tranquility in their environments of family and professional coexistence.

Selo CRS - Certificado de Regularidade em Segurança

Among other official recognitions, we have one of the most important certification seals of the sector, CRS  - Certificado de Regularidade em Segurança (Safety Regularity Certificate), which regulates us and certifies that our group has the following:


guarantee of trained watchmen and periodically refreshed in formation courses legally recognized and approved by the Ministry of Justice.


guarantee that the provider is socially responsible, respects the salary ground of the category and has situation regularized in public bodies.


it assures that your company will not get involved in eventual criminal processes by the contracting of irregular safety.