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Grupo Liberdade - Segurança e Serviços

Thinking of the well-being of yours, your family, and your equity, below we present
some tips that will make the difference in your day-by-day:

Dica - Grupo Liberdade Segurança e Serviços


1. Require that people behind you, in the line, observe the limits of the lanes that guarantee the privacy of use in ATMs;
2. Be alert to the approaching of strangers;
3. Do not accept the action of intruders or curious when operating the system. Instruct your relatives and friends to do the same;
4. The rascals preferably aim at elderly people or those that present difficulties in dealing with electronic equipment;
5. Upon typing your password, put the body very close to the keyboard, preventing it to be seen by strangers that are close;
6. Do not lend, nor assign your magnetic card, in any event;
7. Be alert to the presence of suspicious people inside the cabin or surrounding it;
8. Take special care with bumps apparently accidental that make you to temporarily lose your magnetic card from view. Do not leave the branch before certifying that the card that was returned to you is really yours;
9. Get used to make your drafts with cards in ATMs installed in places with heavy movement of people. Try to make them during the day, preferably at business hours;
10. If there is the need of making drafts during the night, do not go alone to the ATM. Take one or more adult companions with you, and ask them to wait outside the cabin, as they were in the line. Once the operation is completed, divide the cash among your several pockets and abandon the place as fast as possible. Such cautions are also valid for weekends and holidays;
11. Upon making the payment with credit card, try to follow-up the process of preparation of the evidence slip, avoiding that the card remains far from your view.
12. When the salesperson passes the card through the manual machine and smashes the invoice to throw away, under the allegation the document was not copied very well, always require that he/she tears the useless invoice into pieces;
13. If you need to make the draft at a bank, certify that there is no one in suspicious attitude inside or outside the branch. And if there is, signalize it to the safety.
14. Avoid talking to strangers inside or outside bank branches;
15. Protect the money or checks well when going to the bank to make deposits;
16. Upon leaving the bank, look at all sides well to be sure that you are not being followed, and continue attentive;
17. Never accept help from strangers when using the ATMs;
18. If, upon leaving the bank, the tire of your car is empty, go back and entrust your money to the custody of the manager and, only then provide for the exchange of the spare tire. You will be avoiding the action of thieves that steal your suitcase with money while you change the tire;

Dica - Grupo Liberdade Segurança e Serviços


1. Avoid showing wealth, to comment the values of your assets or travel plans in public;
2. Prevent yourself against the action of criminals not showing valuable objects such as watches, bracelets, necklaces, and other valuable jewelry;
3. Avoid going through streets or squares poorly lit or empty;
4. If you feel you are being followed, enter any commercial establishment or cross the street;
5. Do not go out with great amounts of money or credit cards if there is no need;
6. Do not open the wallet or bag in front of strangers. Separate small amounts of money to pay for the bus, coffee, cigarettes, etc.;
7. When going out alone, always try to be in the center of the sidewalk and in the direction contrary to the traffic. It is easier to notice the approaching of a suspicious vehicle;
8. Do not fail to inform the presence of suspicious elements in the proximities of your work or home;
9. Try not to go shopping alone, if possible, take someone to accompany you, it is safer;
10. Never let your bag or purchases in places where they may be stolen;
11. Prefer to pay your bills with card or check. So you do not need to carry great sums in cash;
12. Try not to enter crowded stores. Make your shopping at times with less movement;
13. Avoid carrying many packages not to occupy both hands;
14. Never show money in public places, especially at bars, restaurants, movies, stores, stands of street vendors, etc.;
15. Inside collective transportation means, keep the handbag, wallet, packages, or bags in front of your body;
16. On bus with a few passengers, try to travel next to the driver;
17. On urban trains, avoid walking in empty wagons, especially at night;
18. Be careful with peddlers, some of them giving information to pickpockets;
19. When you are alone, choose your route, avoid going through desert or little lit places. Keep alert upon crossing with suspicious and do not stop to meet requests that make you to be mistrustful;
20. If you have to move with high amounts, try to keep the cash in a safe and discrete manner, avoid big crowds, where pickpockets act, as well as places without movement, which facilitates the actions of thieves;
21. Avoid taking original documents, except for the mandatory ones.

Dica - Grupo Liberdade Segurança e Serviços


1. Do not confirm any datum by telephone.
2. Do not receive orders that are not previously advised (pizza, gift, etc.).
3. Take care upon entering or leaving home, see if you are not being followed.
4. Do not stop to give information next to your home or when you are inside it.
5. Everybody is suspicious (well-dressed men or not, women with children, old men and women).
6. Keep door and gates closed.
7. Suspect of power outage only at your home or noise in the telephone lines.
8. If you hear some noise in the yard, do not open the door to check, only turn on the external light and if you notice something, call 190.
9. Upon getting a suspicious call or a call with threat, keep the call, and use other phone to talk to someone you trust in.
10. Always have a cell phone at home, to the case of cut or break of the telephone line.
11. Do not accept maintenance visits without prior authorization of the family, e.g.: employee wearing uniform of Telefônica, Sabesp, Eletropaulo, or any other type of maintenance electricians, plumbers.
12. Do not answer to baggers.
13. Be careful with false policemen.
14. In the event of emergency, look for the place of more difficult access of the residence and use the land line or cell phone to call 190.
15. Pay attention to the people’s attitudes or people in suspicious vehicles.

Suspicious attitudes:

They ask questions;
They start up a conversation;
They are very kind;
They offer things to sell;
They pass several times in front your home, or by “chance”, they meet you several times in different places, e.g., bus, market, movies, shopping mall, etc.;
Loose clothes;
Winter clothes in summer;
Wearing of caps, beard, and sunglasses.

Suspicious vehicles:

Vehicles with window tint that do not allow to identify their driver or passenger;
Plates of other states;
Vehicles stopped or passing several times in front of the residence;
New plates on old cars, or vice-versa.
Adulterated plates.

Dica - Grupo Liberdade Segurança e Serviços


1. Upon stopping alone at empty crossings, especially at night, upon feeling the approaching of suspicious and being at a safe distance, do not hesitate, if no car comes from in the other direction, drive through the red light and go away;
2. Upon driving, avoid wearing jewelry, expensive watches, bracelets, and other valuable objects. It uses to attract criminals;
3. Handbags and notebooks shall always be in the trunk;
4. If possible, keep the car’s windows closed, and the doors locked from inside;
5. Take care upon stopping at traffic lights, be always attentive to the external movements;
6. Try not to open the windows of your car to peddlers. Many times, they are disguised burglars;
7. Do not stop to discuss small crashes, especially at night. Criminals use such artifice as an excuse to assault;
8. Where you are, be careful with your car. There are no totally safe places;
9. Never let documents, checkbooks, valuable objects inside the car;
10. Upon leaving the car, even if for some minutes, close the windows, lock the doors and the trunk, and, if possible, turn on the alarm;
11. Never let the spare keys inside the car;
12. Try to park in places watched by reliable people, and, if possible, in lit and visible places;
13. In places you do not know, try not to be hostile with the keepers. Your car may be scratched;
14. Upon letting your car in unknown parking lots, check when you are leaving if your spare tire is still in place, if no, look for a responsible or call the police;
15. Upon noticing someone following you in an insistent manner, go to a police station or cabin;
16. Take care upon delivering your car to valets or washers;
17. Try not to approach of your car, nor enter it if you notice the presence of suspicious people around.

Dica - Grupo Liberdade Segurança e Serviços


Burglars use the surprise factor to attack their victims, so, if you are surprised, do not react, do not shout, nor discuss with them, your nervousness may increase the tension under which they act and cause a more aggressive attitude of the criminal.